Resources for your career development
This section includes guides for how to excel in a project management role.

My annual career planner is one of the most downloaded resources on my website! You can get a copy from the resources box on this page. It's a fillable PDF to help you plan your career this year.

The business acumen checklist is a way of making sure you're thinking about things from a business perspective. Read more about business acumen for project managers.

Conversation starters are perfect for when you need a few phrases to make small talk at corporate networking events or in the office! Grab the list of conversation starters from the resources box on this page.

In case you need a quick reminder, here's a cheat sheet reminder for the different project management Knowledge Areas. The PDF doesn't have a lot of detail, so go to this comprehensive guide to learn what you need to know about each area.


These are not resources I have created, but they are freebies from other training providers I know, use and recommend. These are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you then go ahead and buy something from that provider.

Jargon buster: 30-page guide to understanding the terminology around project management so you can get your team on the same page.

Project Management Fundamentals: Video training course covering the basics of project management.

Career Workshop: Free Video Training
Watch my video training series on project management careers.
Access the first video here, then follow the links at the bottom of each page to navigate to the next video in the sequence.

This training covers:

  • Career opportunities and moving on in project management
  • The skills, processes and templates that help you succeed
  • Moving 'up' from project management into line management for teams and program management.

Start here: